Understanding the Art

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I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to begin with this creative topic. Do I explain how to interpret this beautiful language or should I explain what my own paintings mean? Once you…

Let’s Talk About Something Else

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The Pandemic has made things incredibly tough for a lot of people and some may not even realize it yet. People are acting very strange, myself included. I need to stay focused in order to…

Learn From the Past
Leave It There

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As you consolidate your inventory, don’t be afraid to let go of whatever holds you back. It’s history, you can’t change the past, but you certainly can learn from it. Making smarter, responsible choices while…

Inventory is for Suckers

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It takes a lot of time and extreme focus to complete the taking inventory process. But it’s necessary in order to move forward by working hard, being happy, helping others and continuously push myself to…