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The Pandemic has made things incredibly tough for a lot of people and some may not even realize it yet. People are acting very strange, myself included. I need to stay focused in order to survive. I’ve been reading and writing a lot to help myself learn new things and keep my mind occupied, but my mind is still all over the place.

Artistic Creativity

My happy place is creating art. Being a visual learner, its second nature to me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been visually creative. Most of my skills revolve around figuring out how to art as I am very self taught. I never really even took an art class back in grade school. Although I’ve taken graphic design and web design courses afterwards, it’s what I got my degree in.

Nothing is More Fulfilling to Me

I really do love making visual art. Mostly with acrylic paint, but even sometimes in a coloring book helps me free my mind and focus on what I really do enjoy. I even enjoy showing people how to make their own art, like a teacher, I’m here to help.

In a way, every art project of mine is like an experiment where I’m figuring out how exactly I want to come up with the results I am looking for. Sketches aren’t clean until shading is added giving them depth. Mistakes in paintings can be painted over until the final result is achieved. Sometimes, I never reach the look that I was going for. But the next time I get a little bit closer. Each one is a sort of training exercise to perfecting my craft.

Sketchbook History

Cleaning up my cluttered life and found my old portfolio bag of sketchbooks had brought back a lot of memories. It also reminded me of how terrible I used to be at drawing certain subjects but it makes sense to me. Awesome resources for new inspiration I can use in new ideas. Even some that I wouldn’t mind picking back up and finishing, maybe someday. Or maybe I’ll just leave it there and make a new version instead.

Presently Painting

Most commonly and recently, I’ve been painting with acrylics. With a brush as well as doing pours, as most of you have probably seen by now. Lately I’ve been working on some new pieces that I’ve been using a brush and another where I’m mixing both and using a calculated fluid acrylic pour.

Dabbling With Resin and Woodcraft

Resin is very expensive and I don’t have much left but I’ve been making a few things with it recently just for something to do. I’ve made a few new cool things and I can’t wait to show them off at my next show after this pandemic.

Coloring To Find Your Muse

When in doubt and I’m not sure what to do. I can’t think of anything new to create, a coloring book can be a savings grace.

No matter what, doing it, doing something is really all that matters because everything that is matter, matters. Keep up the creativity, and stay with me as I continue to learn how to write and share more with you here.

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