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It takes a lot of time and extreme focus to complete the taking inventory process. But it’s necessary in order to move forward by working hard, being happy, helping others and continuously push myself to learn or create something new every single day. Organize the big list into categories or at least sort them from most important (goals and dreams) down to everything that bothers you about your life.

It Sucks Having to Take Inventory

It’s no easy task, especially when the items you are keeping track of tend to make up who you are. We’re strong, brilliant human beings that love to do things correctly and better than everyone else. It’s human nature, but that also means we are prone to making mistakes.

I’ve learned so much over the years by being forced into learning them. Being self taught has shown me how to a natural critical thinker and problem solver. It takes me a long time to create a five minute pour painting that looks different the next day when the paint dries. But I’ve also figured out how to control the pigments so that I don’t need to use any additives to create the cells that are so desired. If I’m not sure, it only takes me about 10 minutes to experiment and test a small amount of paint on to figure out the pattern it will create.

Stray Focused, Get It Done

It’s easy to get side tracked in todays impatient instant gratification world we live in. The problem arises when you get stuck in a loop of instant dopamine release via notifications and your favorite apps on your smarter than you phone. I’m guilty of this, or at least I was up until the point where I got sick of checking my phone to see if someone was going to reach out to one of my cries for help.

But this has also taught me that it is time to trim the fat and focus on the top priorities in my life that I am good at. This way I will enjoy what I am working on and hopefully working in a field that grows my hunger for more knowledge. If you focus on just the top 30% your inventory items and delete the rest of them. Out of site, out of mind sort of thing helps you remain focused on your real goals. Extreme focus on these things that you really have a passion for need more of your focus if you really want to be happy. It’s going to take a lot of time re-learning things you forgot and learning new things but it helps you master your passions.

After Consolidating, Start Researching

You’re probably going to have to learn a few things to make you better at whatever makes you happy. It took months of skipping off rock bottom and being broken down that I realized, I need to take care of this on my own. Once I’m done, I’ll be able to look back and remember the tough path of being self motivated enough to learn the importance of getting it done. Nobody wants to do it, but somebody has to…no matter what it is. Find your place in that career path and stay focused, you’ll get there.

Help Yourself or You Can’t Help Anybody

Or something like that. It’s true though because you have to be the one that makes the effort to learn whatever it takes for you to accomplish your dreams. I want to help others so badly but it feels like I’ve disappeared lately. All that means is that people aren’t ready to forgive you which is fine because you’re honestly not ready to blow their mind and show off how awesome at something you enjoy have become since the last time you saw them.

Take a break, you deserve it. Something has to stop in order for you to focus on your real passions. Technology can be so useful, when you are learning with it. Don’t let it entertain your day away.

Take Care of Yourself

Try to do something new, next…it’s ok to fail, it’s the fastest way to learn. And it’s super fun to learn, not to mention the neurological and psychological benefits it is too.

“Stay Human”, “Work Hard & Be Nice” – Micheal Franti (worth a Google)

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