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As you consolidate your inventory, don’t be afraid to let go of whatever holds you back. It’s history, you can’t change the past, but you certainly can learn from it. Making smarter, responsible choices while focusing on your dreams is crucial to getting out of that funk. It’s time to start digging yourself out of the hole you’ve been drilling and you’re the only person that has the power to change yourself.

You Can’t Change It

Your experiences in life a merely memories of what made you who you are today. If you don’t like something about who you are, it’s time to kick the habit and focus on making the necessary changes to becoming a better you. It’s hard, but life is full of ups and downs, try not to get stuck on the loops in the downs and you will find happiness again sooner than you can believe.

It’s very hard for me to walk away from my mother angry about not being able to have a conversation with her when all I want to do is help her. We argue more than anything lately and I remember what it was like to be caught up in that funk. I know how to help her but our lack of communication makes me feel like an involuntary fire fighter putting out fires as they arise without her noticing it. It’s the only way I can help her do things without us arguing and it’s the best thing I got at this time.

Keep Focused on Improvements

Accomplishing new tasks, even if it’s just one task, as long as it something you truly enjoy it will make you happy when you make some progress. Even if you can’t complete the task, be proud of what you have accomplished, it’s more than you would have done if you didn’t do anything like you might have if you fall back into the old cycle.

I love creating art and building things. I know how to figure things out and I like to fix things which is why my new life goal is to help others. Being isolated and alone has shown myself that my real best friend is myself and I am the only person that is able to do the right thing. Using critical thinking, analyze your situation and possible outcomes, figure out what you need to do and then get to work at doing it.

The longer you spend on planning, the less you will complete. Break down your tasks into smaller goals and get started. Remember, “If you build it, they will come.” ~Field of Dreams. This is very true, because people are naturally attracted to success and some people are too selfish sometimes to realize how they can help.

You Can Do It

You gotta believe in yourself regardless of what other people think of you. It’s easy to get stuck in the past and hold grudges. It’s hard to forgive others, especially yourself.

Take care of yourself, your health and never stop chasing your dreams. You will never fail if you don’t give up trying. Don’t be afraid to write down new ideas and goals. They will only make yourself better when you are ready to work on them.

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