We Can Still Beat This Thing

Is there more questions on a voting ballot than there are questions on the SAT? How the can they do it in a somewhat timely manner but our government can’t grasp the concept of how to do it…still, today? That’s just one of many new questions I’ve had lately.


Stop asking stupid questions or you’ll continue to get stupid answers. Feed us the data that matters so we can figure this out the right way.

#ProblemSolving101 using the #ScientificMethod.
If facts tend to change on their way to finding the truth…then give us the facts and

Lets figure this out for ourselves once and for all.

Stop censoring the truths and facts that are available.
Honest transparency is the only way we are going to make anything great, ever again.

It’s time to be brutally honest with everything that is going on. Only then will we accept it as true.

We are at war, with ourselves and one another all over this globe.
“How do we fix this #fUnkleJeffy, sorry, #funKingUncleJeffy?”, you might ask.

Well, to avoid repeating myself, again, and triggering my anger that I’m struggling to manage…give me a moment and I will tell you…

Using the Scientific Method…we are going to need to put down our distractions for a moment and think really hard. Feel free to over think it, it’s what helped me become a little smarter over the past 6 months.

“But the dopamine, we need it…” SHUT UP, I’m driving!

These problems today are too big to look at so closely, so take a step back for a second, breathe and try to remain calm…You brain will think better this way.

Please LISTEN…or in this case, hear me out for a minute by READING along, right here, lol.

Step 1: Write down every single #question that we have about each problem we can think of.

This will allow us to review each #observation and make sure they all get answered appropriately as the data will provides.

The only stupid questions, are the ones that don’t get asked.
Step 2: Make an educated guess to explain the observations (the questions from Step

1). This is called a #hypothesis.
After each question has been guessed by intellectual human beings, we can move on

to the next step.

Step 3: #Predict our hypothesis that we should test first by prioritizing the list of guesses by importance.

Weighing out the pro’s and con’s of each question appropriately.

Hey…your eyes were beginning to wander. Pay attention just a little bit longer…you got this!

Step 4: The fun part with less thinking, haha, yeah right…this is where the smart people get to have fun part of science…we start #testing or experimenting those hypotheses.

In order to determine if they are true or false based on the data we receive from each.

Step 5: #Analyzing the data (results ) we can uncover some facts (becoming present at this time but may change upon further observations).

If it sounds good and we all agree, if that’s even possible inside your bubble, right? Step 6: We have two options: Right or WRONG (not left).

We ain’t playing baseball you outfielders, get your heads back in this.


Announce the findings to everyone that wasn’t listening.
Or, we repeat the process, to obtain more data.


Yay, we did it! Now, while we track this new data from our new actions. A couple resources to show you all that WE each do this every time we misplace something…🤦🤞


Or read:
Steps of the Scientific Method
An introduction to the steps of the scientific method.

Scientist or not, we’re professionals! RIGHT?

Extra Credit (not required): Are you are capable of figuring out if you can try to DO WHAT IS RIGHT?

It’s optional because we’re all busy and unable to focus for more than 10 minutes all of the sudden.

*Some are defending themselves for being intellectually inclined? Stop it! Let’s set down our distractions and entitlements.

Please, I’m begging you!

It’s time for US ALL to work hard, together!

It’s NOT too late for us to do the right thing! But the only way it is possible is if we can agree and try our bests.

At least try to #BeNice #BeKind
This delay in correcting the non-impossible actions some of you are still making is

appalling and it disgusts me that it’s still going on…#TODAY? Really? How long have we been at this now?

I’ve got billions of ideas. I just need your help! We all do!

Politics aside for a minute…so we can save the economy before we regret our mistakes even worse…

My clock is ticking, isn’t yours?

Let the data and science allow the medical professionals to save us all, already!!!

Please?! I’m so sick of begging! Just wanna help harder!

*I deleted more swear words than there were tweets from this rant to make it #PG for you.

I’m not sorry if it offended anyone, that was not intended, but I still love you! I care about you too!

The snowball is growing and there’s no sign that it’s slowing!

Thanks for reading!

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