How do you build your reputation or identity when your website looks like shit?

You don’t think it looks that bad? How about on your smartphone? Are you still using a dumb-phone?

Either way, you should be comparing your website to your competitors. Or at least realize how nice the websites you use on a regular basis look and feel compared to the one that you have representing your own business.

Yes, I understand that most websites are designed a particular way because the data doesn’t lie, it just works…and works well. But, when one of the best ways to establish trust with prospective clients is based on your websites design…the least you could do is make sure it looks good on mobile. Responsive design should take care of that issue when done correctly, but a lot of times it still gets overlooked.

I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve looked at that have blown me away by how bad they looked. And it’s even more surprising that they are even able to make any money as a business based on that overall appearance. There’s tons of them out there, most of them are outdated and just need an update. But there’s still a handful that are newer but still look like crap.

ux-jeopardyI’m not claiming to be a Usability Inspector (not even sure if that is a real thing) and not all of the websites I’m thinking of looked that bad that I noticed being wrong with it.


Coming from someone whose worst class in high school was English and/or Language Arts related. I still understand the basic structure of a well written article.

Aside from dealing with a variety of WordPress themes that have certain elements coded as Headings (more for their size than importance) and thanks to testing them to find out the best options for myself and my clients, I have been able to create visually appealing/responsive websites that are mobile ready and setup for On-page SEO.

Following that basic structure of a well written article like those 6th grade research papers (that I used to despise so much) or even the most well written lengthy story or specific interview of a topic isn’t always enough. Sure it may rank well, depending on your competitors…but that’s kind of how most robots think.

That’s right, I said robots, because that is what Google uses to figure out what your website is all about. And even though the algorithm updates are making it decipher websites more and more accurately, they still don’t view them like you or me.


A few top aspects of trust that a business needs to portray to gain loyalty from customers:

  • Honesty – Customers need to be sure that the business will tell the truth about what a product can do, providing complete information on the product, and also be truthful in what the company can do.
  • Follow-through – Once a company states all they will do for a customer, it then needs to complete everything promised.
  • Ethical – Basically, customers need to know that a business will treat a customer fairly and lawfully.
  • Cares about customers – A company needs to show customers that it wants to provide the best service and product possible; a customer wants to feel that a business honestly cares about them as a human being, not just as a consumer.
  • Security – Online purchases are a huge barrier for customers to overcome; they have to feel completely safe before making a purchase on the web.
  • Quality products – A company’s products need to meet the customer’s expectations as provided by the descriptions on the site; otherwise, the trust is completely destroyed.
  • Legitimacy – Plain and simple, a consumer has to believe that a company is “real,” or no trust can be established.


Overall, getting conversions and a high ROI is key to your business, this is the main goal or somewhat of a priority right?

Just look at the studies that have been taken that show changing a button color can have a great improvement on a websites conversions alone. Now think about the amount of websites you have abandoned (left them due to load time or visual appeal) to find a better resource/place to find the information you are seeking and depending on what it is exactly.

At the end of the day (or in this case…your search), you are going to trust the fastest loading nicest website that gives you the answers/information you are looking for. And I can’t even stress how important that has become on mobile devices more and more each day.


The only reason I feel like many of the sites I’ve viewed recently are even making any money at all in the first place. It still blows my mind, especially the sites that I discover via old school footer links to the “Site Designed by Yadi yadi yada or whomever the f*ck” that are designed even worse.

So when and/or if I feel like I am hard up for money or clients, all I’ll have to do is invest in some marketing. Because it is so true that you have to pay to play in this industry and I’m starting to believe that for every industry as the time as technology continues to advance.

Plenty more to continue, but not worth it to get into…

There’s ton’s of articles and research on the topic and studies to back them up. But the one thing that I feel is of the most important is design. Combined with page speed (load time), it could make or break your business…at least from an online standpoint in my opinion.

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