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If you’ve visited the site recently, you might have been welcomed by a maintenance page letting you know I’m working on a redesign. Slowly but surely, I’m redesigning my portfolio website to include more of the things I love. Unfortunately not as quickly as I want, but at least I’m busy with some client work that will help fund this operation.

I’ve decided to take down the maintenance page for now so that my Blog can still be accessible. There’s been a lot of conversation that I feel like I need to write about, so I figured at least having this available to my friends and followers, would be the best option for now.

Those that know me, also know that I’ve been busy painting. After finding my muse, every spare second I have away from work or projects, I’ve been being creative and painting. My new found again love, this is what I plan on adding to my portfolio, but also to create a store since I want my artwork to be available to buy.

There’s really a lot coming and I’m very excited to show you what’s been going on. Hopefully, you will see progress and mind-blowing creations here soon.

Thanks for checking back and stay tuned!

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